Keyboard and Mouse


Katrina Oliver


Congratulations on your little bundle of Oliver joy!


Hopefully these nice little sleep sounds can add a little peace and comfort during some of those

tough nights.  They are all free, just go though the steps to "purchase", and they will download.

I just ask that you don't share this link with your friends, but DO spread the word of that which is Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

Congrats again!

Thank you for all your help to contributing to the web site.  It is much appreciated!


Note: It’s important not to play the sounds too loud!  Experts recommend that sounds for babies should not be any louder than 50 db.  Also, the source of the sound should not be too close to the baby.  We suggest picking a sound level that is close to the volume of the actual sound; so if someone is used to sleeping with a fan in their room, set the volume level to one that matches the actual fan.

Never place a speaker inside the crib with your baby and keep all wires and cables out of reach.