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CBD for Sleep: A Better Alternative to Sleeping Pills?

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Thanks to pro-legalization endeavors over the years, you can now find various CBD products in marijuana dispensaries, wellness clinics, in our homes, and even online. Long forgotten are days when the use of any cannabis products was frowned upon and stigmatized. Users were considered vagabonds who had lost their way in life. But, increased access to information has grown awareness, which is gradually changing this outdated mentality.

Typically, an average of seven hours of sleep is recommended for an adult. Therefore, if you are getting less than this, you are more susceptible to chronic diseases like stroke, obesity, and mental distress. To avoid these conditions, more people are turning to sleep aids. Pills like Benadryl and Melatonin are often prescribed or bought over-the-counter for insomniacs and patients with sleep apnea.

However, with the growing popularity of CBD oil benefits as a viable healthier alternative to modern medicine, we can anticipate more studies into the field. But before we delve deeper to find out how CBD for sleep works, let's first understand what CBD oil is.

CBD Oil 101

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in different cannabis plant varieties and has broad application. It’s infused into numerous products such as CBD tea, gummies, confectionery, massage oils, balms, vapes, and even something for the bedroom like lubricants.

CBD has received immense support for its various benefits to overall health and wellness, primarily attributed to its non-psychotropic properties. Unlike the other cannabis compound, THC, when you use cannabidiol, you enjoy the benefits without the euphoria. So, does CBD oil work to alleviate sleep disorders? Read on to find out.

How CBD for Sleep Works

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Factors like anxiety, depression, diet, certain medications, and medical conditions contribute to disrupted or lack of sleep. Compared with other remedies like sleeping pills, a proper CBD dosage can help you sleep better without side effects.

Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system to bring about homeostasis, which induces a calm and balanced state of mind, the perfect ingredient for relaxation and sleep. You can access more information from consumer education sites like CBD Centrals.

In case you are wondering how to take CBD for sleep improvement, an excellent place to begin would be consulting a health practitioner. After a brief assessment, a doctor or wellness coach will recommend cannabidiol products and advice you on how to take CBD for sleep. If you purchased from an online source, check the pack for user instructions.

What Is The Legal Status Of CBD?

It all depends on the region or country. Most states in the US allow the legal use of CBD and derived products for either medicinal or recreational use. Always confirm if you are in a legal state before buying, using, or traveling with cannabidiol for sleep, so you don't break any laws.

You may, however, still be able to purchase cannabidiol from an online store. But remember that cannabidiol sale is still highly unregulated—ensure you are buying from a credible source to avoid getting ripped off.

Take Away

Anecdotal evidence reveals that cannabidiol has multiple benefits in pharmacology and therapy. As the world leans towards natural remedies as alternatives to traditional medicine, the use of CBD for sleep seems to gain prevalence by the day.

Similarly, celebrities like LeBron James advocate for the keto diet, cannabidiol has amassed a large following globally. Have you ever used CBD for this reason? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Rachel is a medical practitioner, CBD-enthusiast, and is actively involved in research activities to find alternative and healthier remedies or therapies for everyday ailments. She aspires to become a contributing influencer in the pro-cannabis health sector.