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A good night's sleep is within reach.


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Sleep Sounds


It's true!  Fade Away Sleep Sounds™ has an Alexa Skill!

Now you can have access to our entire inventory right at

your fingertips... er... voice, on your Amazon Echo device!

This includes special sleep and relaxation sounds that are

only available for our Alexa skill users.

Just click here to get and enable the skill for your device

Or search "Fade Away Sleep Sounds" in the skill section

of your Alexa App.



  Play Fade Away
Sleep Sounds."

I love the fade effect! 
My baby instantly stops crying  :-)




If you have the ultimate playlist for every occasion, 

then you need one for your super sleep set.  

Here's our newest album on Spotify...  

Follow us on Spotify to easily create playlists and instantly be notified when we upload a new sound.

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We're happy to share that we also offer Fade Away Sleep Sounds™ Sleep Journals!

They have been carefully planed out and designed to help you track every aspect of sleep.

In addition to tracking your sleep in a 24 hour period, they also help you track things that can affect your sleep such as foods, medications and what sleep sound you used!

We offer one geared towards adult sleep and one for baby sleep.

Picture of Fade Away Sleep Sounds Sleep Journals




Fade Away Sleep Sounds™ are white noise sounds made to help get you and your baby to sleep.

The womb is a noisy place, and often it's difficult for babies to make the transition to life in an environment that is much more quiet.  White noise helps ease that transition and reduces stress for babies.

Fade Away Sleep Sounds uses high quality recordings of sounds produced by Mother Nature, along with ones generated from common household appliances that parents have discovered work for their kids.  

White noise has also been found very effective in masking out unwanted noise that can interrupt our sleep.


Fade Away Sleep Sounds™ are designed to help soothe your baby (and you!) to sleep.

What makes Fade Away Sleep Sounds different is the very slow, and very subtle fade away to silence at the end of the track.  It's so slow you won't even know it's happening!

Parents love it because it helps get their kids to sleep and weans them off of it at the same time!

Picture of Sleeping Woman


We understand... some of the sleep sounds that work for babies aren't exactly music to the grown-up ear.

If you're a co-sleeper and just can't get into the sounds of Vacuums or Washing Mashines, or you're a grown up looking for sounds more tailored to you, we've got two great options!

Our first is Nature Sounds.   These sounds that are a little less masking and much more relaxing.

Our second is what we call Life Sounds.  They aren't quite baby sleep sounds and not quite nature either, but they are familiar and sometimes comforting sounds from our past and present.  

Click on the links below and check them out!

Non-Baby Sounds Home Page


Sometimes one hour just isn't enough!

If you're in it for the looong haul, and need a sleep sound to last as long as your sleep, then the 10 hour sleep sound is probably what you're looking for.

Over on our YouTube Channel we have created a 10 Hour Sleep Sound section made of our best and most popular sounds.

Click on the link below to enjoy them for FREE!

All we ask in return is that you subscribe to our channel.  Not a bad deal!

Picture of Fade Away Sleep Sounds YouTube Player
iTunes on Repeat Picture


When one hour isn't enough AND you don't feel like streaming a 10 hour sleep sound from YouTube, we have another option for you...

looping your sounds!

With our "loopable" sounds, you just download a 5 minute clip designed to loop seamlessly over and over until you turn it off!

Our loopable sleep sound inventory is growing all the time, so check back if you don't see what you're looking for, or better yet, drop us a note using the form below.

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