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I'm very excited to have been featured in Christine Hansen's "Sleep Like a Boss" podcast.

We had a great conversation about the entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for helping people get a good night sleep.

I hope you can take a moment to check it out.

What amazing sleep sound business was featured as one of 9 Original Business Ideas?

Here's a hint... US!

Thrilled and honored to be recognized as Dad of the Month for the month of September by the Momma Braga web magazine.

Thank you to The Baby Spot

on-line magazine for featuring

Fade Away Sleep Sounds!

Fade Away Sleep Sounds' Kevin Hale on the "My American Dream" segment of DisruptUP Radio.

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"These sounds are the best quality I have heard. Not to mention the amount of choices, I absolutely adore them."

"They are immensely helpful for new parents, parents with stress and expecting mothers as well."

"Fade Away Sleep Sounds can do wonders for you and your baby. I really feel you should visit their website and try it once and I assure you that you would want to listen to all the sound from their collection."

"I would recommend trying out Fade Away Sleep Sounds to all new parents. Play a few tracks and see which one works for your baby. I am sure this will put a rest to your struggle."

"I played the Car Ride Sounds and within 10 minutes he was asleep, and slept for an hour.  The same then applied to the Thunderstorm Sounds."

"Rolling Thunder Rain Storms, is again incredibly true to life, as it sounds exactly like when I’ve left my window open, and it’s pouring down with rain outside, while thunder is striking in the distance.

I actually find this strangely quite comforting."

"The car sound is great as an alternative to the hassle of getting in a car, the track is very realistic and I can even hear it going over what sounds like a bridge at one point."

"One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about this is that the sounds are compatible for both infant and parents." 

"The sound of the car ride had taken over and relaxed him. He had fallen asleep in a matter of minutes.  It was great."

"If you have a child at home that has a hard time going to sleep, I have found the solution to all your problems!

I stumbled upon a true miracle called,

Fade Away Sleep Sounds."

"I immediately downloaded the hair dryer sound from Fade Away Sleep Sounds and placed my iPad mini in the nursery.

It has worked like a charm!" 

Petite Pudding

"I was impressed by the quality of the sound. Unlike other white noise apps I have tried the sound is continuous, no irritating breaks."

A Mum Reviews

"The different sounds are all really good and seems to help my baby to settle without me having to run the vacuum around the room yet again."

Anchored Mommy

"This white noise has definitely made a great difference! And helped this Mama get some MUCH needed sleep."

This Nerdy Mom

"I toured the website and soon found that not only do they have sleep sounds for babies but for adults too!"

QC Supermom

"Ultimately it’s has been a God send for me more than for the children."

"Fade Away Sleep Sounds has a great diversity of options."

"The very first night that I turned the sounds on, she fell asleep so easy!"

"Fade Away Sleep Sounds have recordings of all kinds for both you and your baby to send you off into that essential sleep that we all need to stay healthy and happy."

"I don't believe I've listened to more than 10 minutes of any single track because I was asleep before then."

"I put on the hair dyer sound and within 5 minutes she was OUT!!