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Baby Sleep Sounds

The womb is a very noisy place, and for some babies, making the transition to sleeping in a quiet environment outside of the womb can be a challenging one. 

Often parents discover that sounds like the shower, or the hair dryer or the electric fan have a calming effect on their babies.  That’s why our Baby Sleep Sound collection was created — white noise sounds specifically for babies.  

So, rather than you taking your baby into the bathroom to run the water, you can just play that sound in the nursery. 

How About Loopable 

Baby Sleep Sounds?

If the one hour sounds above aren't going to cut it,

try our Loopable Sleep Sounds.

They're the exact same sounds as above, but made to seamlessly loop over and over, as long as you need them!

Note: It’s important not to play the sounds too loud!  Experts recommend that sounds for babies should not be any louder than 50 db.  Also, the source of the sound should not be too close to the baby.  We suggest picking a sound level that is close to the volume of the actual sound; so if someone is used to sleeping with a fan in their room, set the volume level to one that matches the actual fan.

Never place a speaker inside the crib with your baby and keep all wires and cables out of reach.

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