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As a parent of two little boys, I’m all too familiar with that desperate, sleep deprived feeling every parent gets when trying to put down your crying, inconsolable newborn. Once my kids were asleep, they were actually pretty good sleepers... the big challenge though, getting them to sleep!


It wasn’t long before my wife and I learned about “white noise” and found out how well it worked in calming our kids and in helping them doze off.  For my oldest, running water in the bathtub was what stopped his crying.  For our youngest, it was the hair drier that did the trick.


I can't tell you how many hours I spent in the bathroom holding my baby while doing the famous parent "bob and weave" bouncy dance as the tub filled with water.  And if you we're looking for the hair dryer at our house... it wasn't in the bathroom, it's permanent residence was under the crib.


To an outsider our little, "for the love of God, please go to sleep" rituals may have seemed a little ridiculous.  But to our fellow sleep deprived parent compadres, there was a bond and understanding that comes from that deep, dark abyss t hat lies somewhere between three and four in the morning.  "Your baby spends more time sleeping on the clothes dryer than the crib?"  I get you, brother!  "Strapping your child in the car seat for a midnight sleep run?"  No judgement here.


Whatever trick or method works for you, don't be ashamed... be proud of your brilliance.  Embrace it! Own it!  Share it with the world!  You've cracked the code about what works with your little one!  


Sure Einstein created the theory of relativity... whatever.  I'll be impressed when someone shows me video of him doing a dip, dip, swing, dip of a fuzzy baby wrapped in a perfect swaddled while making the "shushing" sound for precisely eleven seconds.

If you've made it this far, I know you've felt this pain.  That’s why I created Fade Away Sleep Sounds™. It’s a collection of some of Mother Natures best sounds along with sounds made from common household appliances that thousands of parents are probably using with their kids right this very second. But the cool thing with Fade Away Sleep Sounds is you don't have to wear out your hair dryer to get your kids to sleep, AND you get the special "fade" of Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

I hope they work as well for you as they did for my family.

These are the two inspirations to

Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

Picture of Sleeping Baby
Picture of Sleeping Baby
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