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What Sound is the Right Sound For My Baby?

Happy Baby

"What sound is the right sound for my baby?" That's probably the question I've heard the most over the years. And my answer has always been the same, "Well, that depends."

Yes, I know... kind of a cop out answer, but it's true. As every parent will agree, all kids are different. If there was just one sound that was guaranteed to get your baby to sleep, then that's pretty much the only sound we'd offer. But sadly, that's not the case. And that's how it was with my kids too... the sound that calmed my older son didn't do a thing for his younger brother.

So, we as parents have to do a little digging... research if you will. In most cases, we already have a pretty good idea about what sound will work for our kids. If you noticed your baby seems to drop off to sleep when you're drying your hair, then hair dryer sounds would be your best bet. You have the fan running all summer, then Electric Fan Sounds will probably be your best friend during the winter. You guys who load up your hysterical baby for the 2:00am car ride do this for a reason... you know your child and what works for them! So, when you're browsing our sounds, go with what you know. Our Baby Sleep Sounds were actually developed to take the place of items parents were already using. I don't think there's any point in reinventing the wheel on this one. Stick with what works.

I think this little piece of video awesomeness about Fade Away Sleep Sounds does a good job of explaining this concept. Check it out... watch it a second time... share it with a friend. :-)

Thanks for stopping by! And I wish you and your baby a great night's sleep!

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