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Fade Away Sleep Sounds’ Nature Sounds

When I first started Fade Away Sleep Sounds, I really had no idea of the path it would take. Initially it was just Baby Sleep Sounds that we offered, and I was happy with that. But as my kids got older and farther away from the baby stage, my interests started changing too. What was once an obsession of, “what’s the next great sleep sound that babies will like,” became, “what’s the next sleep sound that I would like?”

While I think it’s great that the sound of a vacuum or a clothes dryer works wonders for babies, those are some of the last sounds that I would like to hear while trying to doze off. So I started recording the sounds that I found relaxing and peaceful and hoped that others would as well. Some have resonated better with the people who have checked them out than others, but what I have found really interesting during this process, is learning how these different nature sounds really serve (for me) different purposes. I love them all and have used them all, but not interchangeably. They each have their strengths, depending on where you are (both physically and emotionally) and what you are doing. Right now there are five Fade Away Sleep Sounds Nature Sleep Sounds that are available and about five others that are in the hopper awaiting production. I’m going to take a moment to talk about each of the finished sounds we currently have and the benefits of each.

Thunder Storm

Thunderstorm Sounds

This is by far one of my favorite tracks and my “go to” track on the nights when I need some help getting to sleep. The constant sound of the rain and the soft and distant rumbling of thunder (as opposed to sharp, close thunder claps) I find to be extremely relaxing. The track is 60 minutes long (as are all of our tracks) but I have never made it to the end of it. I find thunderstorm sounds to be extremely relaxing, and the perfect choice for me on nights when my mind is racing and having trouble shutting off.

North Fork of the American River

Rushing River

This is one of our newer sounds and one that I had a great time recording along the north of the American River in Northern California. When I was out recording I remember thinking how great I would sleep to these sounds. Turned out, for me, not so great! Don’t get me wrong, I think the recording turned out to be another great track, but again, for me, these sounds weren't the ideal sounds for me to sleep to. The river was flowing fast and powerfully, and that was definitely reflected in the recording. That power didn’t translate to the gentle relaxation I personally need when getting to sleep. However, I found that the sound is a great companion for me to write to. It does a wonderful job of blocking out the unwanted and distracting sounds around me while providing me with something pleasant to listen to.

Ocean Roar

This track finds itself somewhere in the middle of the Thunderstorm and Rushing River extremes. This is another of my favorite tracks and one I often use for sleeping. And while I do find the sound of the ocean very relaxing, this particular recording is much closer to actual white noise than our other Nature Sleep Sounds. I titled this track “Ocean Roar” as opposed to “Ocean Waves” because it is much less of waves lapping on the beach and more of just the overall roar of miles of waves continuously crashing on the shore. Like the Rushing River, the sound of the ocean is great for masking out unwanted noise, but I personally find it a little more relaxing than the river sounds. So on nights when I’m trying to sleep, but the neighbor’s dog won’t shut up, the Ocean Roar has never let me down.

Rain and Windchimes

I always say, if you need help finding your Zen, turn to Rain and Windchimes. Unlike the Ocean Roar and Rushing River, this isn’t a great sound for masking out unwanted noise. However if you are looking for peace, calm, tranquility… ooooh baby, this is your sound. I also use this on quite nights when I want a little help getting to sleep. I’ve also heard how great this track is for yoga or meditation. A light rain with the random windchimes sounding in a light breeze. I’m getting relaxed just thinking about it!


Rolling Thunder Sounds

This is another great track that provides relaxation, but also adds a little more masking than the Thunderstorm Sounds. It gives you a little more variety too. We get to hear the rain go from a light rain to moments where it is more of a medium to medium heavy rain, and even get periods of hail falling. Also, the thunder is much more continuous and less random than the Thunderstorm Sounds recording. If you play this track through speakers with good bass, you will hear almost constant thunder.

So do you have a favorite sound that get’s you to dreamland? Or perhaps a sound that you love having on in the background as you go about your day. If there is anything you’d like us to have in our inventory, just send us a note! There’s a contact form at the bottom of the page, and we read every note sent to us.

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