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Our Advice to New Parents… Ignore All the Advice

When I was a new parent there was one thing I could aways count on… a lot of free advice. Every parent out there was more than happy to drop some of their expert parenting knowledge on me. And who was I to turn down this free advice? After all, I was the newbie to this special club, and they were the experts.

But then this funny thing happened… I started realizing that a good chunk of this advice I was getting either had nothing to do with my child or was just completely wrong. Now I’m not saying these advice givers were bad parents or that they were way out of touch. They all (well, most of them) were great people doing a great job raising great kids. THEIR kids. Not mine. And not your kids either.

No one knows your child better than you. So while some advise is helpful, you are already the expert on what works for your baby. This video we made explains this concept best…

We apply this “you know your baby best” concept to Fade Away Sleep Sounds too. I get a lot of parents asking me what baby sleep sound I would recommend for their baby. And the truth is, I really can’t. I can tell people what some of our best sellers are, but that doesn't mean those sleep sounds will be right for their baby. Somewhere out there, there’s a baby sleeping soundly to our worst selling sound in our inventory, but it’s right for that particular baby.

We offer a lot of different sounds because parents have discovered a lot of different things that work in getting their kids to sleep. So when I’m asked what I would recommend, I always tell them to keep using what’s been working already. Does your baby tend to nod off when you’re getting ready and blow drying your hair? Then use the Hair Dryer Sounds. Are you a parent that has to load up your baby at 2:00am and drive around town to get them into dreamland? Then I’d suggest Car Ride Sounds for you.

Mom with baby

The Fade Away Sleep Sounds library wasn’t created for parents to browse and discover new sounds for their kids. It was created to supplement the sounds they were already using. If your baby can only sleep when the shower is running, we made Shower Sounds so you don’t have to get your baby to sleep in the bathroom and waist all that water. Or if you have a child who loves the sound of the vacuum cleaner, don’t wear out yours (or that patch of carpet), use our sleep sounds instead. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel here… we want you to keep on doing what you’ve been doing, and keep on using the sounds that have been getting the job done.

Parents are awesome at figuring out these amazing tricks that work with their baby… especially a sleep deprived parent. You guys are the experts… so don’t take our advice for what will work for your baby… you already know.

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