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Choosing the Best Sleep Sound for Your Baby

One of the most common questions I get from parents interested in trying white noise sleep sounds for their babies is, “What sound would work best for my baby?” It’s a question I wish I could answer, and though I consider myself someone with a pretty good understanding of sleep sounds and how they work, I have no understanding or experience with your baby. The only expert in that respect is, you, the parent.

Sleeping baby

If there was one magical baby sleep sound that got the job done for all babies out there, then Fade Away Sleep Sounds would have a very small inventory. But as you know, all babies are unique. You have no doubt noticed your little one’s personality, likes, dislikes, etc. coming through at a very, very early age. I have two boys who are 21 months apart. We are very lucky in the respect that they get along very well… they are best friends, but MY GOD those two could not be more different. This was definitely the case with their tastes in baby sleep sounds.

My oldest loved the sound of the running water of the bathtub. However that did nothing for my youngest…and it may have even annoyed him a bit. The youngest was all about the hair dryer (thank God for the hair dryer), when it turned on, his crying turned off… almost instantly.

But getting back to my original point, no one knows your baby better than you. So chances are you already have a pretty good idea of what sleep sound will be the most effective with your little one. My wife, for instance, noticed that whenever she blew dried her hair our youngest would always nod off. We had friends who kept their baby in a carrier right outside the shower when they got ready for work in the morning, and nine times out of ten when they exited the shower, they’re baby was sound asleep.

So when parents come to Fade Away Sleep Sounds, they really shouldn’t be browsing, they should hopefully have something in mind. Our Baby Sleep Sounds were actually developed to take the place of items parents were already using. I think this video explains this concept best.

Now please don’t think I’m saying you’re a horrible parent if you do come to browse and you’re really not sure what’s best for your baby. I’m just saying that most already have a pretty good idea of what will work best. I have heard from several parents who went to our web site, sat their baby right next to them, and started playing all our sounds one by one. When they noticed certain ones getting their baby’s attention… they found their winner.

So, go with your gut! If you noticed your baby always drops off when you're drying your hair, then hair dryer sounds would be your best bet. If you have the fan running all summer, then Electric Fan Sounds will probably be your best friend during the winter. Like I said earlier, you know your child and what works for them!

No need to reinvent the wheel… go with what’s already been working! That is no doubt the best sound for your baby.

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