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How to Get Better (and More) Sleep as a New Parent

Parenthood is incredible, and although it may come with a little sleep deprivation, this won't last forever. It might be helpful to learn more about baby sleep training methods, what to avoid doing before your bedtime and how to recover lost sleep!

Baby sleeping with a toy

Bringing a new baby at home is exciting, and so is parenthood. Establishing new routines at an early stage might be vital for your family. Newborns usually eat, sleep, and cry a lot. New parents then need to work around the clock, which often results in sleep deprivation. Everything changes from day one, and it might be overwhelming. So your new baby won't sleep - what can you do to get more sleep?

Try Sleep Training with Baby Sleep Music

Becoming a parent is a lifelong and exciting journey. Babies need to learn how it works in this big world, too, including how to fall asleep. Have you tried singing to your little bundle of joy, but with no effect? Don't worry; perhaps it's too early for your newborn to recognize your excellent singing skills. Still, baby sleep music can play a pivotal role in sleeping rituals, indeed. The right kind of soothing music sets a perfect atmosphere and creates an ideal environment for falling asleep. Remember, if your child sleeps well, then you may get some quiet time too! Although this sounds amazing, if it works, you may be persistent when looking for the right kind of music!

Try Sleep Training with Baby Sleep Sounds

When the little angels are still in the womb, they are exposed to all sorts of loud noises. Some parents discover that their newborn child finds certain sounds calming like a running shower or a hairdryer. It doesn't mean that the new sleep routine will need to start in a bathroom from now on. What are some soothing sounds for babies to sleep better? It could be anything from nature sleep sounds like light rain or rushing river sounds. Most of the tones are so relaxing, and you might be astonished by its effect. Listening to natural sounds may also have a significant impact on parents. Why? New parents appreciate every opportunity to have some peace, and by listening to natural sounds, they can have some downtime too!

Baby's hand holding mother's finger

Other Tips for Better Baby Sleep

Although, how to put a baby to sleep might not be rocket science, it does involve persistence and learning new techniques. Most new parents join various forums where they ask more experienced mums and dads what works for their little stars. For example, some of the tips might be that you try to keep your little darling's bottom moisturized and dry at night. New parents do anything like searching for some best diapers for overnight sleep. Is your baby crying in sleep? It is not entirely unusual. Babies can fuss momentarily indeed. It happens when they are moving from light to deep sleep. If your baby is cold, for example, rest assured, they will not settle back to a dreamworld within minutes. Can a baby sleep sack with sleeves keep your bundle of joy warmer at night? When is it safe to let your baby sleep on their tummy? Across various forums, new parents are asking these questions daily. New parents are on the same boat, and they can build an amazing and supportive community for each other.

Recover Lost Hours of Sleep

Clearly, baby sleep issues might be a never-ending topic in your household from now on. Sleep deprivation can affect your concentration during the day. It's essential to get enough downtime as much as possible. Parents can take turns with nighttime feeds. Nursing mums can pump milk so dads can do at least one night feed in this instance. When newborns fall asleep during the day, leave the dishes and giant pile of laundry for later and take a nap too. The usual household chores can wait.

Other Tips for New Parents to Follow to Get Better Sleep

  • Avoid heavy meals before bedtime

  • Reduce caffeine - especially a couple of hours before bedtime

  • Avoid exercising right before you go to bed

  • Avoid stressful tasks at night if possible

  • Have a bath with candles, establish a sleep routine for yourself too

Father holding sleeping baby

Ask For Help

When it gets too overwhelming with the new parental responsibilities, ask your partner or family to help with some duties. You can put your feet up or just have a shower in peace. We are sure you have heard this phrase before: "every little helps." Did you know that you don't necessarily need to nap for hours to feel rested again? As little as 15 minutes, when you can have your eyes closed, can help to recharge your batteries again. Look after your body and mind! Let's not forget to mention that lack of sleep may contribute to starting postpartum depression, which may get a lot more challenging.

Rachel Burns is a mother of two precious girls. She has faced many sleepless nights. When Rachel started sleep training her first newborn, everything has changed for the better. With her second child, she was determined to get some sleep from day one! Every baby is different. Sleepless nights are part of being a parent, and the good news is that they won't last forever!  You can read more of her articles on her website, Top Mom.



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