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Continuing to Evolve - Musical Sounds

In my last blog post I talked about Fade Away Sleep Sounds’ evolution. How we first started as a company dedicated exclusively to producing Baby Sleep Sounds. For years that’s all we did and I was content with that. White noise for babies was a niche of an already niche market, but I was determined to provide the best product we could for that niche.

But as my kids started getting older and further from that Baby Sleep Sound age, I started looking for new opportunities as well. I ultimately found myself trying to create sounds that I could also benefit from. That’s when Fade Away Sleep Sounds started it’s first evolution. We went from providing just Baby Sleep Sounds to providing Nature Sleep Sounds as well. Again I was happy with the new addition (and still am!) and have been enjoying recording and producing sleep sounds that adults can benefit from as well.

Well, now I’m excited to announce Fade Away Sleep Sounds newest evolution… Musical Sleep and Relaxation Sounds! It’s the next logical step for Fade Away Sleep Sounds and one which will open us up to an even broader audience. Our Musical Sounds take our more popular Nature Sleep Sounds and combine them with nice, tranquil and relaxing music. The result is the ultimate in relaxation. These new tracks are not only beneficial to those needing some help going to sleep, but are also great for meditation, massage, yoga, pilates and just taking it easy.

A person meditating on the beach

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, some of our white noise sounds are more suited for blocking out unwanted sounds. Others are more suited for relaxation. These Musical Sounds have combined the best of both of these areas. While I believe that they are first and foremost relaxation tracks, they do have a lot of the masking elements going on as well.

Seaside Serenity

I think this is my favorite track. I love the melody that the piano brings… it alone puts me right at ease. Then when you bring in the ocean roar element, it takes the relaxation to a whole new level. Plus the ocean sounds provides the masking element I mentioned. If you need to relax, plus drown out some unwanted noise… Seaside Serenity is your track.

Stormy Slumber

This is another track that gives you the masking element to go along with the relaxation. I always love hearing the sound of rain. This track gives you a nice strong rainstorm and also nice distant rumbles of thunder (as opposed to close, sharp thunder claps). Then in comes the music… nice sustained organ chords that take you to a special peaceful place. It’s like the church of mother nature!

Rainy Day Relaxation

This is another great track that really makes you feel a special connection with nature. Unlike Seaside Serenity and Stormy Slumber, this track has very little masking qualities, but is all relaxation. A gentle rain, occasional bird chirps, random wind chimes that ring out in a gentle breeze and long sustained musical chords. If anyone uses this track for sleeping, I defy them to make it to the end of the hour!

As I said, I’m very excited about this latest evolution of Fade Away Sleep Sounds, and I hope you are too. I foresee this keeping me busy for some time until the next evolution happens… which it will.


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