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Best Uses for White Noise

White noise can create a pleasant background noise, whether you prefer the sounds of nature in the background or a soothing and gentle instrumental. However, white noise also has lots of practical applications!

Visual Image of a spectrum of sound

1. Infant Sleep

Newborns are notoriously light sleepers, and trying to keep them asleep for long periods of time can be a constant battle. A popular strategy amongst new parents for getting their babies to sleep faster and longer is playing some white noise. Using white noise for baby sleep is a great strategy since newborns are used to the uterine environment in which soft whooshing and ambient noise was their constant soundtrack. They'll fall straight to sleep, and any sounds of footsteps or traffic will be drowned out by the white noise so they don't wake up.

2. Studying & Working

If you struggle to focus on a task for an extended period of time, giving white noise a shot might be the best thing for you. White noise is great for providing some background audible stimulation without presenting additional distractions. Silence can be daunting and under-stimulating, while music or television can present too much of a potential distraction. A soothing, pleasant background of white noise can be just the thing to keep the gears moving and get you working harder. Research has shown it to be a powerful tool for focus, especially for those with existing struggles with concentrating on their work such as those with ADHD. (Click here for more detailed information relating to white noise and ADHD.)

3. Privacy

In certain professional settings, being overheard can present something of a problem. Places like the offices for doctors, psychologists, massage therapists, and lawyers require a certain level of confidentiality and privacy when clients or patients come in for a visit. However, depending on the layout of the building, that might not always be an option. Tight quarters and thin walls can make it all too easy for someone's personal information to be overheard by someone in the room next door. Using white noise in these types of settings can be great for drowning out the sounds of conversation so that only those who are meant to hear what's being said can do so.

woman meditating

4. Meditation and Relaxation

If the pace of the modern world is a little too much, white noise can help you slow down and take a break. Whether you're looking to do some focused meditation or just take a load off for a few minutes, white noise can help set the tone. White noise, especially ambient noise like nature or spa-like sounds, can be great for queuing your mind that it's time to let go of your tension and take a break. Play your favorite white noise mix while doing some breathing exercises or taking a warm bath and see how much it can help to soothe you.

To try out white noise for yourself, whether it's for sleep, relaxation, work, or privacy, check out our broad range of white noises here. We offer high-quality sounds ranging from musical, spa-like, natural, and ambient noise.


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