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  • Naimah Shaw

What Sleep Sounds Can Do For You

There are some things in life that are beautiful gifts we take for granted such as time, health and sleep. I remember how it felt when I was so physically exhausted but pregnancy insomnia was a real thing, and again, after having my first child when the term “mombie” (mom zombie) came to fruition. The realization that sleeping well and waking up refreshed was indeed a gift came swiftly during these times. While these cases mentioned cannot be entirely avoided, many distractions that prevent sleep come from our environment.

Woman sleeping

So, aside from a crying baby (for whom you should not merely block out with a sleep machine or sounds), what are some sounds that hijack our sleep or awaken us prematurely?

  • Barking dogs

  • Noisy neighbors

  • Block parties (or kids playing outdoors)

  • Trains

  • Sirens

  • Garbage Trucks

  • Honking Horns and Traffic

  • Dripping Faucets or running water from a fish tank, or water fountain

  • Etc

What Can Sleep Sounds Do For You?

Admittedly, the first time I downloaded one of the Fade Away Sleep Sounds; I thought, wouldn’t this further compound the noisy environment? It seemed counter intuitive but I was pleasantly surprised and found that to the contrary, it actually helped to soothe my brain and body and help drown out the sounds that were disturbing. While the ambience of these sounds can lead to better sleep for babies, children and adults, they can also be used to protect privacy in the workplace environment, help one to remain focused and study better and even with relaxation techniques during meditation.

Types of Sounds to Consider

White Noise: This is described as, “a random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies” and is used to block out sounds. It is advised to utilize this noise on a machine versus headphones as the change in frequencies can be damaging to the ear. Research from many prestigious institutions of science have concluded that there are benefits to sleeping with white noise. In the event that a white noise machine cannot be acquired, the sound of an oscillating electric fan can also provide the same long term effect while blow dryers and vacuum cleaners can help with short term white noise effects. Experts believe that the unexplained “I sleep with the fan in the middle of winter” is due to the sound it produces rather than the air quality.

Nature Sounds: Natural nature sounds provide an escape for so many; from the soothing sounds of rain showers and the ocean waves to the harrowed sounds of thunderstorms (once you are indoor and safe). If you think about it, rain makes for a cozy and well rested night. These sounds provide a consistent backdrop which help to moderate the noises present while creating a relaxing aura.

Do these machines and sounds really work?

The National Sleep Foundation said that over 5% of Americans use a noise effect or white noise machine to induce sleep. Initially, they found themselves in nursery’s but have since migrated into teen and even master bedrooms. This seems indicative of them being useful for adults as well as children of all ages.

Naimah Shaw is the mother of five beautiful children and the owner/content creator of the parenting blog, This Beautiful Life. There you can find product reviews, articles and conversations about food, homeschooling and motherhood. We are pleased to have her as a regular contributor to Fade Away Sleep Sounds.

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