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Keeping Your Pets Calm During 4th of July Fireworks

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

With 4th of July rapidly approaching, it's time for pet owners to start preparing for the fireworks - and the implications it has on your pet's happiness. While a few pets will manage to practically ignore them, it's pretty common for some to be overwhelmed with anxiety at the loud noises they don't understand. Not only is this an unpleasant experience for your pet, it can also be a safety risk. 4th of July is the single most common day for dogs to escape their homes due to the stress of the sound, and dogs who are under severe stress from fireworks anxiety have been known to be hostile and aggressive, even with their most trusted people. Make sure your pet is happy and calm this 4th of July - or at least less stressed out - by following a few simple precautions before the fireworks start popping!

Dog and Cat snuggling

1. Place them in a quiet room with white noise

The first thing to do is try to minimize the amount of noise your pet is exposed to. Find a room in your house that is low traffic and, if possible, away from any outside windows so they are removed from the sound. Playing some white noise can help to drown out the sound of the fireworks and soothe their anxieties. Any white noise will help to cover the sound outside, but playing something with a soothing, repetitive rhythm or static will provide some extra stress relief.

2. Place them in a compression jacket

Compression jackets have been shown to be great for keeping pets calm and relaxed. You can pick them up from any pet store, but make sure you get the right size for your pet! It should fit snugly so as to provide adequate pressure around their chest. Try to get them acclimated to wearing it before the big day so they can adjust to how it feels to wear, and put it on them before fireworks get started.

Puppy playing with a dog toy

3. Provide plenty of comforts

Surround your pup with whatever makes them happy. Offer them their favorite food and treats, have a hefty supply of toys, and keep a nice blanket and bedding around for them to relax on. When you're feeling under stress, you like to keep your favorite things around - your pet's no different! Having plenty of chewing toys or rawhide bones will give them a productive way to direct their stress without becoming overly reactive. Offering some toys or treats that are new to them can provide some novelty and interest that can keep them excited and distracted.

4. Keep them company

Woman with her dog

You might have big plans for the 4th of July and have to leave your pet alone for a few hours, but spend as much time with them as you can. Remember, you have plenty of friends and family that bring you comfort and support, but to your pet, you're their whole world. Being near them to offer pets and comfort is going to keep them from getting overly stressed out.

Do you have a favorite trick or go to that helps keep your pet calm on the 4th? Let us know what works best for you and your fury family member.


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