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Need to Avoid the Noise on the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is fast approaching so many of us are looking forward to enjoying the festivities. However this is not the case for everyone.

If you have a baby in the house, nervous pets or you cannot celebrate this year because of illness or work patterns you may be dreading the 4th of July celebrations and all the noise and fireworks that go with it.

The big question is how do you block out noise and get some sleep when it seems that the whole world is holding a party? If this is you, don’t worry. Here are a few easy tips to help.

Fireworks bursting in the air

1. Use ear plugs to block out sound

This is an effective solution for adults as ear plugs block out background sound so should effectively block out the noise of fireworks and partying too. However this solution will not work for pets or young babies. Have you tried to fit ear plugs in a dog’s ears? We don’t recommend that you try it.

2. Hang thick curtains to muffle the noise

Thick curtains not only block out the light, they also muffle external sounds. If you don’t have thick curtains to hand, hanging up material such as blankets and towels will help create a more peaceful environment. You will still hear outside noise but because it is muffled, you may find it easier to drift off to sleep.

3. Play gentle music to block out exterior sounds

Masking the noise outside with peaceful soothing music indoors can help you sleep as long as you choose the right sort of music. Peaceful classical music or Steely Dan played on a loop may be enough to get the whole household off to sleep.

4. Run household appliances as background noise

Creating neutral noise in your home can block out exterior noise. Rock star Liam Gallagher admits to leaving the vacuum cleaner running in order to create a restful ambience, although it could lead to the appliance overheating.

The washing machine can also provide a comforting backdrop sound for pets and babies. This solution can cause issues as it is not always a great idea to leave home appliances running but it will probably help you get to sleep, that is if you sleep in the vicinity of the washing machine.

5. Fill your home with white noise

White noise is a soothing ambient sound that works across all frequencies of the sound spectrum which means it masks all types of noise from sudden fire work explosions to loud rock music. White noise can sound like the static noise you get from an untuned TV or the sound of the distant sea shore. But because white noise works across all hearing frequencies it is fantastically effective at blocking out all other sounds even at low volumes.

6. Install a white noise skill on your Amazon Alexa

A white noise skill can be easily used to play through your home via Alexa.

We love the Fade Away Sleeps Sounds Skill because it is easy to use and offers so much variety. You can choose from natural noises such as the sound of the sea and rain showers or opt for peaceful industrial noises such as the restful hum of the washing machine or vacuum cleaner.

This convenient Alexa Skill has a range of sleep enhancing solutions to suit everyone. There is a program of sounds specifically designed for babies. There is also a range of natural sounds for adults, and your pets will like it too and feel instantly calmed.

Although we all love the 4th of July, this celebration can be a trial if we are unable to participate and it does require forward planning if you or anyone in your household is sensitive to loud noises.



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