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The Benefits of White Noise on Infant Sleep

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Getting an infant to sleep is one of the most difficult tasks a new parent faces, and yet often the most difficult one to manage. For many, sleep deprivation is a key component of the experience of new parenthood because of the unpredictable sleep cycles of newborns. If you're struggling to get your little one to sleep, the answer to your problems may be white noise. But what is it that makes white noise so special?

Sleeping baby

Firstly, the soft whooshing noise created by white noise is reminiscent of the sounds baby listened to while in utero, as the gentle noises of blood rushing and lungs inflating created a soft ambient sound to soothe them to sleep. Just like with swaddling and snuggling, creating an environment similar to the one in the womb soothes a baby off to sleep and encourages relaxation.

Some newborns may even find silence to be upsetting, after they had grown so used to constant, comforting noise during their time in the womb. The complete stillness of a sleeping household may actually be confusing and upsetting for your newborn baby. If your little one starts kicking up a fuss whenever the house is peaceful, white noise may be just the thing to soothe their worries and encourage them to relax.

If you find yourself walking on eggshells around your house whenever the baby is sleeping, white noise is going to be your best friend. White noise helps to drown out the sounds that a baby might overhear from their crib, such as adults talking, footsteps, or the sounds of a TV. Being able to block out that standard household noise is critical for ensuring that the baby can stay asleep without being disturbed. This is especially great for families who have other children running around after the baby's bedtime, or in a smaller household where sound can easily be carried into the nursery.

Introducing white noise as a part of your baby's regular sleep routine can also help make them adaptable to new changes in their sleep schedule. If their nap times are changing or they have to sleep in a new and unfamiliar location, white noise can help keep their setup feeling consistent so they are still calm enough to drift off to sleep. These sleep disturbances can come up in all manner of ways, including simply having an off day, so having the reliability of falling asleep to white noise every night truly comes in clutch.

While some parents can find that white noise eventually starts to grate on their senses, using adjustable or variant white noise can prevent parents from experiencing sensory burnout. Varying between different styles of sound is a great way to maintain a healthy baby sleep schedule without wearing on the parents, keeping everyone in the household happy and well rested.

To explore the various white noise sounds available to soothe your little one to sleep, check out our wide selection of options here or review our selection of sounds centered around music, nature, or spa experiences, among many others.



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