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Using White Noise to Study

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

If you’re finishing your homework or cramming for a test, it can be hard to focus completely and get your tasks done quickly. The ambient noise of others around can be distracting, and some even find complete silence to be too unnerving to allow them to focus completely on the task at hand. Listening to something can often provide even more of a distraction, like a podcast or music, as you find your mind drifting farther away from the task at hand and more towards whatever you’re piping in through your headphones. If you’re struggling to find something to listen to that allows you to ignore the distractions of your environment without presenting new challenges to your focus, white noise could be the answer.

A girl doing homework with white noise playing in the background

White noise does a fantastic job at covering the distractions, filling your space with a soft, neutral blend of noises that covers the ambient noise of your workspace without introducing new distracting content to further draw focus from the task at hand. There’s plenty of different variations of white noise to choose from, whether it be a general static noise, some gentle repetitive music, or a blend of natural noises. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be benefitting from all the incredible ways that white noise and improve your mind.

However, white noise does a lot more for your focusing mind than simply covering up background noise. Researchers have found that listening to white noise can actually improve your creativity and improve one’s imagination. If your school work centers around creativity or artwork, white noise can help improve your artistic mind and help you create more imaginative work.

Studies have also shown that white noise can also help to reduce the amount of stress created by the work at hand, and those who work with white noise in the background have been shown to have a more positive attitude about their work environment and their workload. When your studies and classes are starting to drag on your morale, completing your homework assignments with white noise in the background can actually improve your attitude and energize you for the remainder of your school’s term.

White noise has also been shown to improve the workflow and increase productivity, so even if you’re not concerned about drowning out other noises, white noise may still be a great way to help speed you through finishing your homework. This has especially been shown to have significant gains in students who have preexisting difficulties with their attention span and study habits, so if paying attention and keeping focus during your studies is something you’ve always struggled with, white noise could be the key to helping you unlock your studying potential and getting the work done.

Regardless of the struggles you face on your journey through school, white noise could be the key to helping you focus, work creatively, relax, and find the bright side of your work. With some soothing white noise in the background, you’ll be tackling that classwork and getting straight A’s in no time!


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