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New Baby Checklist for First-Time Parents

When you become a first-time parent, there are so many new things to think about. From deciding what kind of baby gear you need, to figuring out the best way to schedule your time, to making sure you are getting enough sleep, it can all be a bit overwhelming. To make things a little easier for yourself and your partner, here is a checklist of things to do before your baby arrives.

Sleeping newborn baby being held by parent

Getting ready for a new family member is about more than buying the most highly recommended products. The process involves everything that covers the four essential needs: nutrition, sleep, comfort, and safety.

Nutrition – What You Need to Feed Your Baby

Bottles, breast pumps, and burp cloths top the list of important options when it comes to feeding your infant. No matter what you choose for your babies nutrition, you do need to stock up on important items. Get at least eight bottles designed for newborns, a cleaning brush, sterilizer, and an insulated bag to keep things fresh on the go. Breast feeding mothers may need a pump, nursing pads, and sterile storage containers too.

Sleep – Comfort and Healthy Sleep for All

A newborn baby can sleep approximately 15 hours per day in the beginning, but somehow it seems that parents never get enough rest. Getting the baby to sleep and helping them develop a proper sleep schedule as they grow can present a challenge. Besides a safe crib and cozy sleepwear, one of the best items to add to your checklist is white noise for baby sleep. Special white noise recordings help block out noises of everyday living and contribute to a restful experience for all.

Comfort – Keep Your Baby Cozy and Supported

Many items on the comfort checklist for a new baby include furniture for the nursery. A crib is necessary, but some first-time parents also like having a separate bassinet for the little one. Choose a safe changing table with enough drawers for all the baby clothes. Other comfort items include crib sheets, a waterproof mattress pad, a safe play mat for floor time, and a bouncer seat. Of course, all parents love to choose adorable outfits for their new son or daughter. At the very least, get one-piece pajamas with plenty of snaps for easy diaper access.

Safety – From Car Seats to Baby-Proofing Your Home

Every new baby needs an approved infant car seat and a safe stroller. Consider a convertible set that allows you to snap the car seat onto a stroller base for easy transport. Although not an issue for newborns, stock up on baby proofing items for your home right away. These include outlet covers, cabinet locks, furniture anchors, and corner guards for tables.

Getting ready to bring your new baby home is an exciting experience for all first-time parents. Although an ultimate checklist may include hundreds of different product recommendations, you can get what you need at the start by focusing on these four essential needs. From a safety rated infant car seat for the first trip home from the hospital to white noise sleep sounds to help your little one get the rest they need, you can enjoy preparing for your new baby.


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