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White Noise vs. Brown Noise

If you struggle to fall asleep or can't seem to relax, using background noise can help calm your mind and release tension. Many people have heard of white noise, but there are multiple "colors" of ambient noises for you to choose from, each with various benefits. One of the most common questions regards white noise vs. Brown noise and which one is better. If you're seeking deeper, more restful sleep and relaxation, keep reading to find out which one is right for you.

Graphic displaying "white noise vs. Brown noise"

Brown Noise

Named after Robert Brown, a botanist who discovered the "Brownian motion" of sound, it originated in the 1800s and gained popularity for its relaxation effects. Brown or Brownian noise is layered sonic hue sounds that produce a low roar. When you listen to a waterfall, strong wind or rain, or a mighty river current, you hear Brown noise. The power of Brown noise based sounds decreases as the frequency increases, so the deeper it is, the better!

How Is Brown Noise Beneficial?

Brown noise has various benefits; however, light sleepers or those sensitive to sounds may find it more distracting than relaxing due to the fluctuations in frequencies.

Improve Sleep

Some may find the deeper resonation soothing and beneficial to sleep.

Increased Relaxation

Brown noise can help quiet your mind and calm your thoughts.

Greater Focus

Playing Brown noise in the background can help improve your focus and mask distractions.

White Noise

White noise is one of the most common sounds used to help promote sleep in children and adults. Its constant ambient sound is excellent for encouraging deeper, more restful sleep without causing the listener to rouse due to fluctuations in frequencies.

How Is White Noise Beneficial?

White noise is known for aiding in sleep, but it has other benefits too.

Increased Relaxation

White noise can help you relax and unwind your body and mind.

Rejuvenated Mind

As your mind unwinds, it feels rejuvenated, allowing you to feel your best.

When Should I Listen To White Noise?

White noise is great at any time, but it's most beneficial at night. Listening to it as you fall asleep can help you fall asleep faster than you ever imagined. The key is finding the most effective sleep sound for you.

Which brings us back to the original question, which is better... white noise or Brown noise? As they both serve the same purpose and provide the same benefits, it just comes down to taste and what resonates most with you.

Click the links below for a sample of each.




Fade Away Sleep Sounds are the highest quality white noise sounds that you can listen to, so you can get the sleep your body needs and deserves. Our wide variety of sounds includes nature, life, musical, and white noise for baby sleep. (As well as pure white and Brown noise.)

You can access Fade Away Sleep sounds on Spotify, Youtube, and with the Fade Away Sleep Sounds Alexa Skill, so you always have the soothing white noise you need at your fingertips. What makes Fade Away Sleep Sounds unique is the slow, gradual fade to silence. It's so slow you or your baby won't even realize it stopped, and continue to sleep unaided.


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